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Laavu's Psychological Coaching: Introduction to Laavu paths

Laavu paths ensure our clients reach their desired outcomes as efficiently as possible. By following one of our paths, you can rest assured you know what and where you get with Laavu’s Psychological Coaching. Whether you are looking for personal or professional development, better stress management skills, or improved self-knowledge, we got you.

May 22, 2024
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Laavu's Psychological Coaching: Introduction to Laavu paths

The goal of Laavu’s Psychological Coaching is to help our clients feel and perform better. However, for someone with no experience in psychological coaching, it may not be easy to grasp what this means in practice. If we got a dime every time someone asked “What do your clients usually talk about in coaching sessions?”, we’d be rich. Very rich.

“We have delivered over 1000 hours of coaching for leaders, executives, and specialists operating in high-pressure environments. During these discussions, we have noticed some topics recur. Based on those topics, we created 6 paths structured to tackle the most common challenges our clients have.”

Explains Lasse Karjalainen, one of Laavu’s Performance Psychologists, whose role is to ensure the top quality and stability of Laavu’s coaching.

The 6 paths identified provide a structure for the coaching journey. They include different themes and topics important to address in order to make progress with the topic in question. When you choose one of the paths, your coach makes sure these topics are covered during the coaching sessions.

6 most common topics in Laavu Psychological Coaching

“I would say that the most common challenges are related to stress, self-knowledge and leadership issues."

“Many think that they are the only ones struggling with certain types of problems, and everyone else is doing just fine. One could say that polished social media play a big role in this misconception. Yet, people would be surprised to know how many deals with similar problems", Lasse says.

If you choose a specific path, it does not mean, however, that you aren’t going to address any other topics during your coaching sessions. Following a certain path does not exclude all other topics – the sessions are always based on what seems relevant at that moment.

“The goal of Laavu’s Psychological Coaching isn’t to offer ready-made solutions but to help you look at things from a new perspective and improve your psychological skills, such as resilience. So working on one theme will probably help you with other challenges, too”, Lasse confirms.

So the most common themes in Laavu Psychological Coaching are...
-How to stress less?
-How to know yourself better?
-How to deal with feelings of not being enough?
-How to be a better leader?
-How to smooth the ride on the emotional rollercoaster?
-What to do when transitioning to a new role?

If you cannot relate to any of the six issues, don’t worry. You can always choose to “follow your own path” – Laavu's coaching journeys are always tailored to fit our clients’ needs. If necessary, we can identify the topics you need help with together and then define a realistic goal suitable for your situation. No goal is too big or small to book a session with your Performance Psychologist!

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