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Mind is our business

Today’s working life is psychologically more demanding than ever. We at Laavu Performance want to build a future that is psychologically sustainable. This means that individuals, organizations and societies would create more mental resources than consume them. Everything starts with investing in our minds. Because mind is our own business.

Founders Salla & Rami

Laavu [ˈlɑːʋu]
A simple building intended for temporary residence and taking rest during trips in the wilderness.

Leading a company can sometimes feel like an adventure in the wilderness. You might carry a heavy load on your back, feel lost in direction, and be lonely when the sun goes down after a day of hiking.

Rami, the co-founder of Laavu knows this by heart. Before Laavu, Rami led companies but had also some struggles in his personal life. “Psychotherapy was like a hobby for me, but many times I felt that it lacked clear goals and understanding of the business world. I knew I needed the support, but I wanted it from someone who understands my ambition and how leading a company actually feels like.”

Salla, the other co-founder of Laavu and a business psychologist, worked previously in consultancy and HR (of a gaming company). In her previous positions, Salla witnessed how big of a role the leader’s psychological skills play when it comes to the whole company’s performance. “When the leader is not mentally capable, it affects so many things: teams’ emotional stability, engagement and performance.”

When business and psychology fell in love

Laavu’s story began when these two, Rami “Mr. Business" and Salla “Ms. Psychology”, met. (Later on, they also got married and had a baby – but well, that’s another story.) Salla and Rami shared their passion for self-development and, at the same time, frustration with the current psychology services which were focused on mental disorders instead of proactively building skills to improve psychological performance.

Salla and Rami wanted to change the way psychological services are seen, the new norm being that people would take care of their minds as casually as they take care of their bodies.  

A fun fact: before founding Laavu, Salla gave coaching to startup leaders. Since she didn’t have a physical office at that time, the sessions were held outdoors. Salla and her client would take a walk in a park and nature during the sessions. Some of these clients are still continuing coaching at Laavu, so we’ve walked a long way with them – literally.

Laavu is on a mission to encourage people to care about their minds to build a future that is psychologically sustainable. We have come a long way: from walking in the forest to digitally supported high-end psychological coaching service for business leaders. Our vision is to be an indispensable companion to every growth company in Europe! Join the ride.

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Our Mission

We are building a future where taking care of your mind is as normal as taking care of your body.