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If you want to grow, dig deeper

Procrastination, self doubt, stress, social discomfort, brain fog... whatnot! We all struggle with psychological challenges, and it´s normal. But at the same time they are preventing us to reach our full potential. In order to tackle the challenges sustainably, you need to dig a bit deeper. With Laavu´s coaching you are able to dive into the root causes of your psychological challenges and learn the skills that help you stay mentally fit!

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What happens in Laavu coaching?

In-depth self-reflection

Together with your coach you will dig deep into your  feelings, thoughts, values and needs. Self-reflection is your most important tool when building Mental Fitness!

Clarity, context and Consistency

Your coach will clarify your thinking by asking insightful questions and by giving you context from the latest research in the field of psychology.

Self-efficacy and growth

Your coach will not give you answers but rather let you find the solutions yourself. This is very important, because, just like your abs, your mind can be only develop when it's used!

Concrete goals and action points

Together with your coach, you will set concrete steps in order to achieve your goals. Your coach will act as your accountability partner all the way.

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2 x 55min Coaching sessions
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4 x 55min Coaching sessions
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Laavu library
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We work with the best

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Juhana Rintala

Co-Founder & CEO, Ruokaboksi

“When I leave the coaching meetings, I feel good and relieved. The best thing is that I get to vent openly, and someone is there to listen to what I have to say! Coaching is a bit like a hobby for me. In the same way that I take care of my physical well-being, at Laavu I have a professional taking care of the mental side. It's great to regularly structure and spar your thoughts with a professional who truly understands the context I'm living in. Laavu's approach is really fresh and effective. I have recommended their coaching to many friends!"

Jussi Junikka

CEO, Fulmore

“Coaching has worked well for me! The sessions’ focus has been on moving forward and not churning around the topics. In every session, we go deeper into the topic and try to find insights from there, but also, the coach makes me carry out concrete action points for the future. It is really welcoming to have someone to reflect on my thoughts. I have gotten more clarity and understanding for myself. I truly see the development in my thinking, which is actually really cool!"

Erno Aapa

COO & Founder, Polar Squad

“When there is an upcoming coaching session, it’s relieving to know that there will be an opportunity to rant my thoughts out of my head and lighten my mind. The session gives me more clarity and direction every time. The coach helps me structure my thoughts and takes things to a concrete level by helping me execute my plans. I’ve really enjoyed experiencing psychology in coaching, and I can see the difference in my everyday life.”

Janne Kalliola

CEO & Founder, Exove

“I have been in coaching four months now, and I would say that I feel better and that I'm a better person now. I definitely have gotten help and tools for things that have bothered me. These meetings have developed my thinking and provided me with a clear and peaceful feeling afterwards. The coach is very professional, and we have really good chemistry between us, which has been a major thing for me."

Henri Lindgren

CEO, Lightneer

“From the start, I have seen coaching as a long-term project of continuous development. It has given me tools to analyze and unravel challenging issues and practical insights that help me improve my work and my resilience. Whenever something is preoccupying my mind, my coach helps me delve deeper into the causes of the problem and find ways to solve and prevent it in the future. Sometimes I wonder how to find time for coaching in the middle of a busy week, but after each coaching session, I’m happy that I decided to take the time for it."

Julius Haukkasalo

CEO, Evermade

“Being a CEO, you get pressures from all directions, and it is not so easy to deal with them. Laavu has been that critical place for managing those pressures. At Laavu, I can be myself and leave all kinds of roles at the door. After the sessions, I feel relieved and restful. Overall, my well-being, personal growth, performance and productivity at work have increased, and I can honestly say that my work-life is more meaningful. There is also a positive correlation to the company's success. Quite a nice combo, I think!"

Jaakko Harlas

Investments Lead, Supercell

“I’ve been really satisfied with Laavu’s coaching and I feel I have developed as a person because of it. Talking to someone about things that you don’t usually consider, already brings the added value. My coach knows how to ask the right questions, and encourages me to come up with solutions myself. The topics of the meetings may vary a lot, but I always have more energy after the discussion than before. In addition, I always have a concrete idea or action in mind that I can work on next."

Collin Foss

Co-founder & CPO, Skunkworks Games

"Coaching has been a really good thing for me personally. It’s a combination of career/business coaching and deep dive into more personal things. Coaching has helped me deal with negative emotions, handle conflict situations and gain new perspectives. My coach challenges my thinking by asking annoying questions. There is a strong personal relationship between us, and the trust makes it easier to talk about really challenging topics."

Miika Huttunen

CEO, Slush

“In a demanding leadership role, you need to have channels to pause and and reflect on your work. This is where the support of a coach is essential. During coaching sessions I have realized that I already know the right answers to most of my challenges. They just need to be figured out by asking the right questions!  The fact that my coach understands both business and psychological phenomena is something I find super valuable.”

Aarni Kotiranta

Founder & CEO, Truly Agency

“Laavu’s coaching has given me a lot of new perspectives on my thinking and execution. Coaching has been a great place to stop and reflect on the things on my mind and the most challenging issues for me at that moment. I’ve also gotten support for something I haven’t been able to open up so well with anyone else. Most concretely, coaching has helped me make better and more objective decisions and helped me develop myself both as a CEO and in my own daily life.”

Pasi Nikkanen

Co-founder & CGO, Happysignals

"I set out to try Laavu’s coaching to optimize my growth from founder to leader. Our company has grown rapidly in recent years, and at the same time, my role has changed significantly. Coaching has helped me think about my focus in the company and clarify ideas during rapid change. At the same time, the coach has skillfully pushed me to make substantial changes to my role. Coaching has given me the boost to take things and mind-boggling thoughts forward."

Sami Asujamaa

CEO, 10+ Isännöinti

“The best thing about coaching is that after the meetings, my vague thoughts become clearer and the themes discussed open up to me better. My coach knows how to ask good questions and grasp the right topics insightfully. This helps me find the common thread in my own thinking.”

Jenni Kynnös

CEO, MySome

“As one’s company grows, it can feel like your head can’t keep up with your legs. The discussions with my coach help me to stop and understand the big picture and what the most important next steps are. In addition my coach is an awesome person, and it’s super easy to talk to her!”

Jere Kattelus

Co-founder & COO, Northbound

“Coaching provides me with a time and a place to reflect on what I am doing – otherwise, I probably wouldn’t take the time for it. Whenever I feel like I am stuck on a problem, my coach helps me untangle my thoughts. One of the benefits of coaching is that it can always be focused on the issues I’m dealing with at the moment. I have gained various tools for managing others and myself, and my self-confidence and self-knowledge have improved.”

Panu Piippo

CEO, Backbone Marketing

“Originally, I planned coaching to be a short-term project, but now I see this as a longer-term engagement. I feel that this has been my best investment in 2020. Coaching has helped me especially with mental endurance. It makes me think and find solutions to situations and forces me to also discuss the more difficult things. I appreciate that Laavu’s coaching is not some surface level nonsense, but is really based on science and utilises a research-based theoretical foundation.”

Juuso Österman

Kauppias, K-Citymarket Riihimäki

“Laavu’s coaching has given me peace of mind and taught me to think about things in a new way. I enjoy that in the coaching sessions we actually get things done and find solutions. It’s also really good that I’m not offered direct answers to my questions, but my thinking is challenged in just the right way. As a young entrepreneur you easily end up being alone with a lot of things. I believe that many people in a similar situation would benefit from a service like this!”

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Frequently asked questions


The challenges you are facing may be work-related, such as leadership challenges or time management issues, or more personal, like self-criticism and demandingness. Or maybe you just want to sit down and reflect on your thoughts on a regular basis. However, if you think your challenges may be due to a mental illness, we recommend that you contact your health care provider instead.


Laavu’s coaches are specialized in the problems that leaders of fast-growing companies face, but your title doesn’t really matter to us. Our coaching is for anyone wanting to develop their psychological well-being and performance.


At the beginning of each session, your coach helps you define a theme, goal or question for the session. Next, he or she will help you tackle this theme with insightful questions and summaries. Your job is to actually stop and reflect on the topic, and to be as open-minded as possible. The coach's job is to support you in finding solutions, clarity and new perspectives on the issue by challenging your thoughts and beliefs. At the end of the meeting, you sum up what you have gained from the discussion. To get most out of coaching, you can consider ways to work on the issue independently between the sessions together with your coach.


Psychotherapy is a form of treatment developed to ease or eliminate mental suffering. Psychological coaching, in turn, is a self-development service where the focus is on psychological performance and prevention of mental health problems. The objective of psychological coaching is to help people with good or moderate mental health in solving their everyday problems and achieving their goals.


The effectiveness of coaching depends a lot not only on the coach but also on your own contribution. Open-mindedness, curiosity, and the acceptance that the complexities of the mind are rarely solved with a simple quick-fix, go a long way. The coach is not going to provide you with ready-made solutions and advice, because the best expert in developing your thinking is you! Sometimes exploring your own thoughts and feelings can feel heavy and laborious. But a good coaching session is a bit like a good workout: despite feeling hard during the session, in the end it will always bring more energy than it takes.


We recommend holding the sessions face-to-face, because the level of trust and connection that effective coaching requires is easier to achieve in person. So at least the first sessions should be held face-to-face, but after that the sessions can be held remotely if needed.


As a member, you get regular sessions with your coach, as well as on-going support from him or her between the sessions. In addition, we regularly organize customer events, such as webinars and seminars for our members. Laavu also has a small library from which members can borrow books to support their growing. Not to mention that our office has perhaps the best coffee in town.


Laavu's coaching is based on membership and it is billed monthly. The agreement is valid until further notice, so you can terminate your membership when you no longer find the service useful. The notice period is one calendar month. If you ever need to cancel a coaching session, it can be saved for later and you can use it at a more convenient time for you.


Laavu's coaching is a service that supports the company's business activities and is therefore deductible as a company expense. As usual, you can also deduct the VAT on the service.


Laavu's coaching is all about growth, and dedicating just one hour per month for the wellbeing and performance of your mind is likely not going to give you the results you (and us!) are hoping for. Plus, a lot can happen in a month, and we've noticed that once a month coaching lacks the feeling of continuity.