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For over a year, we’ve worked with a steady stream of the Finland’s best growth company CEO's and founders. We’re aiming to be global but we are proud of our roots and start with Finland. We are real, but ambitious. We believe in feeling proud, but staying humble. Accepting others for who they are. And while the others know us as a psychological coaching company with a never-ending focus on the customer, we think of ourselves as something more. If that sounds good to you—then we hope you’ll join us. Currently we are looking for Performance Psychologists to coach our clients.

What do we value?

01 Growth

In Laavu, growth is everything. We aim for the growth of the client, the coaches and Laavu itself. We are ambitious and strive for continuous improvement...

02 Boldness

...This  sometimes requires crazy boldness. We are not afraid to take risks and step outside our own comfort zone, because we know that the greatest things are happening there...

03 Vulnerability

...We also want to create a work environment where risk-taking is easy and safe. In Laavu, you can be truly yourself without unnecessary roles, as we believe that showing your own insecurity and vulnerability is courage at its best...

04 Integrity

...However, we do not compromise on certain matters and that is professional quality and integrity. The customer of Laavu can always trust that our coaching is in line with the latest research. That is why we also want to invest in the training and development of our coaches.

What does Performance Psychologist do?

Laavu is a new type of company providing psychological services for growth companies and startups. We focus on individual executive coaching, but our services also include e.g. co-founder coaching, work community mediation, training and workshops. The themes in individual coaching are diverse and range from a variety of leadership challenges to the leader’s own wellbeing. The key is to ensure coachees´ growth and psychological performance in the midst of their demanding work.

As a Performance Psychologist, your job is to walk alongside the client as their personal coach, and help them reach their goals. This includes both face-to-face coaching meetings twice a month and communication between meetings. We are known by our excellent client experience and  customer relations. This means that your role as a coach goes beyond the traditional 1:1 sessions, and includes strong relationship building with the coachee and their organisation.

Occasionally, you might also carry out group-based coaching and training. If you are interested in an employment relationship at Laavu, your job description is likely to be even broader. Depending on your interest, you can take part in developing Laavu as an organization, e.g. by creating content, conceptualizing and developing the service, or taking responsibility for, e.g. sales and marketing.

What is expected from you?

More important to us than your years of work experience, is that you have a genuine interest in our business, and you share our values​. Here is a list of a few things that would make you the perfect addition to our team!

You are a certified psychologist (PsM)

Your work approach is solution-oriented, and you might have a coaching certification

Third-wave cognitive behavioral therapies (e.g. ACT) are familiar to you

You have experience in work and organizational psychology

You’re interested in working with fast-growing organizations and the start-up world gets you excited

You are rich in ideas and have a genuine interest in developing yourself, your customers and Laavu as an organization

You are willing to go the extra mile to make your client happy

You are brave and not afraid to step into your discomfort zone

What does laavu offer to you?

An interesting client base with whom you can solve meaningful challenges
Modern work space in the Helsinki city center
Comprehensive onboarding and training in psychological performance coaching and weekly group steering meetings.
Freedom and responsibility combined with genuine community
Independent responsibility and the opportunity to influence your own work and Laavu as an organization
Possibility to work remotely if necessary
Opportunity for options and financially benefit from our growth
Training and ongoing support for your development. Versatile tasks that go beyond the work of a traditional psychologist
3800-4600€ monthly salary depending on your experience and number of coaching hours
Lunch allowance and tools (phone, laptop)
Freedom of the entrepreneur and the possibility to determine your own working time and amount*
230 € (+ VAT 24%) / month / client (working time per client approx. 2 hours / month)
Community! Possibility to participate in joint steering meetings and team gatherings
* We hope you can make a minimum of 5 customer appointments per week

What is the process?

Submit your application via the survey below. In the survey, you will tell a little about yourself and your values, why you are interested in the job and what would make you a good performance psychologist. After that, the recruitment proceeds as follows. At each stage, we will notify the applicant separately of access to the next stage.


Phone interview that lasts approx. 20 minutes


Competence interview at Laavu's office


In demo coaching you hold a real coaching session for one of Laavu's team members while the other monitors your performance.

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