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What does a Performance Psychologist do?

As a Performance Psychologist, you walk alongside the client as their personal coach. The key is to ensure your client's growth and psychological performance in the midst of their demanding work. In practice, your work consists of face-to-face coaching sessions and communication with the clients between the sessions. We are known for our excellent client experience and strong customer relationships. Thus, your role as a coach goes beyond the traditional 1:1 sessions and includes strong relationship-building with the coachee – and their organization. In addition, you will carry out team coaching when requested.

What we have to offer?

  • Comprehensive onboarding and 30+ hours of training with 10 test clients which all leads for you to be a top-notch coach and receive a Laavu Coaching Certificate
  • Continuous growth as a business psychologist with weekly professional counselling meetings, personalized 1on1s, and Laavu Academy sessions
  • A team of warm, real, and ambitious people with hierarchy as low as possible
  • An unique opportunity to work with an exceptional client base, including founders, CEOs, and other high-performing individuals motivated for self-development
  • Monthly salary €4000-4600€ (based on your experience)
  • Lunch / sport benefit 100€ / month
  • Phone and laptop
  • The most extensive occupational healthcare in the market covering also psychosocial support e.g. work psychologist and psychotherapy

What is expected from you?

More important to us than your years of work experience is that you have a genuine interest in our business and share our values​.
In addition to you being a certified psychologist (PsM), here is a list of a few things that would make you the perfect addition to our team.
But as no one is perfect, we don’t expect you to tick all the boxes.

  • Your work approach is solution-oriented, and you might have a coaching certification
  • Third-wave cognitive behavioural therapies (e.g. ACT) are familiar to you
  • You have experience in work and organizational psychology
  • You’re interested in working with fast-growing organizations and the business world gets you excited
  • You are tech-savvy and not afraid of using modern digital tools in your work
  • You have strong self-reflection skills and welcome feedback to improve your self-awareness and performance continually
  • You have good project management skills and clear communication
  • You're committed to building trust with clients and offering solutions that serve their best interests
  • You value teamwork and even if you're driven to succeed personally, it's not at the expense of the team
  • You value collective success, actively supporting them to reach their goals.

Hear directly from our coaches

At Laavu, I've discovered a unique blend of a highly supportive community and a clear, meaningful vision. Our strong sense of community and commitment to growth define our workplace. While the work can be intense sometimes, the deep sense of purpose makes every effort worthwhile. We're here to grow, make a meaningful impact, and support each other along the way.



Performance Psychologist

At Laavu, intelligence, empathy, and a collaborative spirit are highly valued. Our team is both warm and sharp, creating a safe space where we all contribute to a positive work atmosphere. Laavu's trust in my potential motivates me to grow and succeed, making it an exceptional place for personal and professional development.



Performance Psychologist

We value creativity and innovation, freely brainstorming and turning ideas into reality while giving equal importance to every opinion. Working with motivated clients who provide continuous feedback enriches our growth journey. Laavu's culture is all about learning and development in a supportive environment, even though it means navigating uncharted territory together.



Product Manager, Performance Psychologist

I'll get straight to the point. The best aspects of Laavu are our client base (top leaders in Finland), our work community, mission, flexibility, leadership, values, and the combination of business and client work. The one area for improvement is the salary. While I could earn more elsewhere, it's not the money that brings people here, but the factors I mentioned earlier.



Head Coach, Performance Psychologist

Why Laavu?


We are extremely proud of our culture (as if that isn’t something any company would say). Laavu is filled with warm, real, and ambitious people. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations, admit our mistakes or show our vulnerabilities. We are not big on the hierarchy as we believe everyone knows how to do their job best. However, we’re always there for each other.

We could write an essay on how amazing we are and how much fun we have together (you wouldn’t believe it anyway), but the best way is to see it yourself – so just call one of us or come visit our office!


Growth is at the very center of our operations and culture. We believe for Laavu to grow, we need our employees to grow as well. That’s why each employee starts with an extensive onboarding before working with clients. In addition to growing by coaching our bright and demanding clients, as a psychologist, you also get to develop yourself in weekly steering meetings, 1on1s, and training sessions. Also, our psychologists have versatile tasks that go beyond the work of a traditional psychologist.


Laavu’s client base is unique. It consist of founders, CEOs, and other high-performing individuals. They are very motivated to challenge themselves and work towards their goal. Working with them, you get to immerse yourself in meaningful conversations with amazingly bright people, which is a great opportunity to learn new things and get new perspectives. Typically, you get to work with each client for more than 6 months which makes it possible to build meaningful relationships and work on complex topics.


And did we mention that you also get paid for doing this? Compensation covers a monthly salary of 3 800€ - 4 600€ and employee benefits (a laptop, a phone + Epassi).

Are you interested in being a freelancer? Read more from the FAQ on the bottom of the page.

Our recruitment process

Coffee chat

Be it in-person at Laavu's office or online, this initial conversation is focused on your career aspirations and motivations. We'll also give you an overview of what working at Laavu is like and answer any questions you have. The aim is to see if we're a good match for each other.

Competence Interview

You'll come to Laavu's office for a focused discussion on your motivation and competencies. Prior to this, you'll complete a personality assessment, which we'll discuss during the interview. For details on required competencies, see our Q&A section.

Coaching Practise

Dive into the coaching experience at Laavu with a hands-on session. You'll coach one of our team members and receive personalized feedback from one of our psychologists. Use this feedback as a learning opportunity to fine-tune your approach for the Demo Coaching stage.

Demo Coaching

In this phase, your technical coaching skills are certainly important, but what stands out even more is your capacity for self-reflection and your willingness to engage in constructive feedback discussions. This deeper level of engagement helps us see your commitment to growth and continuous improvement.

The entire process takes approximately 5 hours, not including your own preparation time

Frequently asked questions

What are Laavu's values?

Growth. At Laavu growth mindset is in the very core in everything we do. We are ambitious and strive for continuous improvement. We don ́t expect anyone to be born ready, but encourage you to see the potential around you. Not forgetting to celebrate when goals are achieved! Boldness. We want to see things in a new unconventional way. This requires boldness and willingness to take risks. We are not afraid to step outside our own comfort zone, because we know that the greatest things happen there. Vulnerability. Laavu has an environment where risks are easy to take. We embrace psychological safety and want to make sure you can be truly yourself without any unnecessary roles. We believe that showing your authenticity and vulnerability is courage at its best. Integrity. Though being bold and ambitious, we do not compromise on professional quality and integrity. At Laavu people can always trust that our service is in line with the latest scientific research. That is why we also want to invest in the training and development of our coaches.

Do you require fluent Finnish from all coaches?

Yes, because most of our clients speak Finnish, fluency is required.

What is the working language at Laavu?

Officially, we operate in English, but the primary language for coaching and casual conversations is Finnish.

Do I need experience or a diploma in coaching?

While beneficial, previous experience or diplomas in coaching are not mandatory.

Do I need to be a Valvira psychologist?

No, we do not require a Valvira designation. We evaluate qualifications on a case-by-case basis, requiring at least a master’s degree in psychology.

Do I have to engage in sales at Laavu?

Yes, every team member contributes to Laavu's growth. Sales are relationship-driven, aiming to serve the client's needs.

How does working at Laavu differ from more traditional work and organisational psychology?

Laavu takes a unique approach focused on proactive mental wellness rather than reactive treatment. Our client relationships are generally 6-9 months long, and we don’t keep any clinical records. Communication with clients extends beyond coaching sessions.

How many clients does one psychologist typically have?

Psychologists at Laavu generally work with 25-30 clients, scheduling an average of 3 coaching sessions daily.

What are the working hours?

We offer flexible working hours, usually starting between 08:00 and 10:00 and finishing between 16:00 and 18:00.

Can I work remotely?

Yes, absolutely! While we value our time together, we understand the importance of remote work. You have the freedom to work remotely on days when you don't have coaching sessions or when your sessions are conducted remotely.

Can I work part-time?

Absolutely, part-time opportunities are available.

I'm interested in working for Laavu as a freelancer. What should I know?

Although our primary focus is on full-time employment, we maintain a talent pool for freelancers. Immediate openings are unlikely, but we're open to future collaborations so hit us up!