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We work with a steady stream of the Finland's best growth companies and high-performing individuals. We're aiming to be global but feel proud of our Finnish roots. We are real, but ambitious. We believe in feeling proud, but staying humble. At Laavu, everyone is accepted as they are.

Are you a psychologist? Great!  Read below why you should join our team as a Performance Psychologist.

Why Laavu?

We are extremely proud of our culture (as if that isn’t something any company would say). Laavu is filled with warm, real, and ambitious people. We are not afraid to have difficult conversations, admit our mistakes or show our vulnerabilities. We are not big on the hierarchy as we believe everyone knows how to do their job best. However, we’re always there for each other.

We could write an essay on how amazing we are and how much fun we have together (you wouldn’t believe it anyway), but the best way is to see it yourself – so just call one of us or come visit our office!
Growth is at the very center of our operations and culture. We believe for Laavu to grow, we need our employees to grow as well. That’s why each employee starts with an extensive onboarding before working with clients. In addition to growing by coaching our bright and demanding clients, as a psychologist, you also get to develop yourself in weekly steering meetings, 1on1s, and training sessions. Also, our psychologists have versatile tasks that go beyond the work of a traditional psychologist.
Laavu’s client base is unique. It consist of founders, CEOs, and other high-performing individuals. They are very motivated to challenge themselves and work towards their goal. Working with them, you get to immerse yourself in meaningful conversations with amazingly bright people, which is a great opportunity to learn new things and get new perspectives. Typically, you get to work with each client for more than 6 months which makes it possible to build meaningful relationships and work on complex topics.
And did we mention that you also get paid for doing this? Compensation covers a monthly salary of 3 800€ - 4 600€ and employee benefits (a laptop, a phone + Epassi).

Are you interested in being a freelancer? Read more from the FAQ on the bottom of the page.

What does Performance Psychologist do?

As a Performance Psychologist, you walk alongside the client as their personal coach. The key is to ensure your client's growth and psychological performance in the midst of their demanding work. In practise, your work consists of face-to-face coaching sessions and communication with the clients between the sessions.

We are known for our excellent client experience and strong customer relationships. Thus, your role as a coach goes beyond the traditional 1:1 sessions and includes strong relationship building with the coachee – and their organisation.

Occasionally, you may carry out group-based coaching and training. If you are interested in an employment relationship at Laavu, your job description is likely to be even broader. Depending on your interest, it can include, for example: content creation, conceptualisation of our service or development work.

What our coaches say about Laavu?

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Lotta Tiitto

Performance Psychologist

"Laavu is the best possible place for me. Our culture has a great balance of passion, devotion and ambition, but at the same time it is easygoing, open and vulnerable. Laavu gives me an abundance of opportunities to grow – not only as psychologist but in my other areas of interest too. Since Laavu is a small startup, we are able to make decisions quickly and flexibly, without frustrating bureaucracy or hierarchy. Coming to work feels like arriving to a comfy, welcoming place full of friends who enjoy being there. Plus our clients are amazing!"

Sari Honkanen

Performance Psychologist

"To work at Laavu and with Laavu is innovative, inspiring and psychologically safe. Laavu brings together the best of business, coaching and psychotherapeutic knowledge. The resources abundant, reflect the latest knowledge and innovations and are made readily available to the coaches as well as clients.  Everybody is at Laavu to win the day together. No idea or need to spar experiences goes overlooked or ignored. There is time and time is made for the people, not staff, but people, personally. The Laavu experience inside and out.  A true learning environment, packed with diversity and psychological safety. The best place to work, innovate and grow! Hands down!"

What is expected from you?

More important to us than your years of work experience is that you have a genuine interest in our business and share our values​. Here is a list of a few things that would make you the perfect addition to our team. But as no one is perfect, we don’t expect you to tick all the boxes.

You are a certified psychologist (PsM)

Your work approach is solution-oriented, and you might have a coaching certification

Third-wave cognitive behavioural therapies (e.g. ACT) are familiar to you

You have experience in work and organizational psychology

You’re interested in working with fast-growing organizations and the business world gets you excited

You are rich in ideas and have a genuine interest in developing yourself, your clients and Laavu as an organization

You are willing to go the extra mile to make your client happy

You are brave and not afraid to step into your discomfort zone

Ready to join?

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Laavu's recruitment process in a nutshell

Submit your application via the survey below. In the survey, you will tell a little about yourself and your values, why you are interested in the job and what would make you a good performance psychologist. After that, the recruitment proceeds as follows. At each stage, we will notify the applicant separately of access to the next stage.


Phone interview that lasts approx. 20 minutes


Competence interview at Laavu's office


You may take part in optional practice coaching to prepare yourself for the real deal. You get to coach one of our psychologists (45 mins) and receive feedback from them (10 mins).


In demo coaching you hold a real coaching session for one of Laavu's team members while the other monitors your performance.

Frequently asked questions

How many clients does one psychologist have?

Usually, psychologists have 25-30 clients who have coaching sessions every other week. This means 3 client sessions daily, on average. However, there might be days without any coaching sessions and some days with more than 3 sessions.

What are the working hours?

It’s up to how you schedule your coaching sessions. Usually, psychologists start between 08.00 and 10.00 and finish between 16.00 and 18.00. However, we’re chill when it comes to working hours – no one monitors when you arrive or leave the office.

What’s the remote work policy?

Coaching sessions are primarily in person at our Hakaniemi office so on those days you are expected to work at the office. However, if you don’t have any client meetings or you only have remote coaching sessions, you can work remotely.

Can I work part-time?


How does working at Laavu differ from more traditional work and organizational psychology?

Work at Laavu differs quite a lot. Here’s a brief list:

- We focus on psychological performance and prevention of mental health problems instead of easing or eliminating mental health issues.
- Client relationships are, on average, around 6-9 months long.
- We don’t keep any records of our client meetings.
- Performance psychologists stay in touch with clients outside of coaching sessions.
- Psychologists at Laavu spend 50% doing client work, and 50% with other projects and tasks (except for freelancers).

What are the themes and topics at Laavu sessions?

The purpose of Laavu’s coaching is to improve psychological wellbeing and performance. The challenges may be work-related, such as leadership challenges or time management issues, or more personal, like self-criticism and demandingness. Some clients may not have a clear problem, in which case the topics are often more related to personal growth. And some clients just want to sit down and reflect on their day-to-day life and their thoughts on a regular basis.

If 50% of the work is client work, what else can I expect?

It depends on your skills and motivation, but it can be anything regarding the operations of Laavu: sales, product and service development, client surveys, content creation, recruitment – you name it!

Do I have to do sales at Laavu?

You are not expected to do sales, but you are welcome to do so. Also, as a freelancer, you may book your own intro sessions – we reward it with higher compensation.

Do I have to have experience in work and organizational psychology?       

It’s a big plus if you do! If you do not have any, please be clear in explaining why you are interested in work and organizational psychology and specifically in working at Laavu.

Do I have to have experience / diploma in coaching?

It’s beneficial, but we don’t expect previous experience in coaching.

What is the working language at Laavu?

Our official language is English, so all the material and written communication is in English. However, most of the coaching sessions are in Finnish and usually casual discussion happens in Finnish (if there are only Finnish speaking people around).

What are the working spaces like?

Our official language is English, so all the material and written communication is in English. However, most of the coaching sessions are in Finnish and usually casual discussion happens in Finnish (if there are only Finnish speaking people around).

I’m interested in working as a freelancer. What should I know?

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in being a freelancer at Laavu! Being a freelancer at Laavu differs from being a freelancer psychologist anywhere else. At Laavu, freelancers are part of the team just like any other employee. Ideally, freelancers work at least 2-3 days per week so full-time work is hard to combine with this. We hope to see freelancers take part in weekly steering meetings (työnohjaus) and other team gatherings like Friday Buns.

Compensation is 230 € (+ VAT 24%) / month / client (working time per client approx. 2 hours / month). You get paid by the number of clients, not by the number of hours. As first intro sessions are free of charge for clients, you do not get paid for them. However, we compensate it by rewarding you with a 1000€ bonus after going through onboarding (approximately 2 full days) and having 10 clients. Also, for each new client you book yourself, you get paid 450€ for the first month instead of 230€.

It’s good to note that we’re very client oriented. Already before the first session, our coaches send a video to the client and welcome them. Our coaches stay in touch with clients outside of coaching sessions, by e.g., reminding them of their homework or sharing relevant and useful material with them. According to our coaches, all this should take on average less than 15 minutes per client per month.