Achieve Concrete Results with Psychological Coaching

We are proud to announce our outstanding feedback results! The impact of Laavu's coaching on clients' performance and well-being has been nothing short of remarkable, with a score of 100% agreeing with the statement "coaching has improved my well-being". This demonstrates that Laavu's Psychological Coaching is making a profound difference in the lives of our clients.

March 18, 2024
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Achieve Concrete Results with Psychological Coaching

The effectiveness of Laavu's coaching

"I wouldn’t say it was a big surprise for me, because I expected to see good results. But still I didn't think it would be that high! I'm proud of our work!"

Says Lasse Karjalainen, our head coach in Laavu, about Laavu's recent 2023 feedback results: 

Our recent feedback results have been remarkable!

They indicate that all Laavu's clients (100%) have told that Laavu's coaching has improved their well-being, 99% reported improved self-knowledge after having coaching sessions in Laavu, Laavu’s psychological coaching has been effective in decreasing the level of stress for 92% of the clients, and the general level of happiness with Laavu's coaching has been 4.69, which is really high and shows that the hard work pays off.

Laavu’s unique selling point

Salla Ibrahim, Laavu's co-founder, points out something important:

"We are talking about numbers and amounts even though we're working in an abstract field in which measuring the effects is not easy at all. That's because we're goal-oriented – happily showing these results as the straight effect of getting psychological coaching from Laavu.

When analysing the results, one can say stress is one of the top problems our coachees (that typically work in a high-demanding, highly-performing environment) struggle with. Laavu's psychological coaching has been reportedly effective in decreasing stress levels for 92% of our clients. (Interested to know what does it mean for a business? Read this.) 

Laavu’s coaching has also been effective in improving leadership skills for some respondents. Although we don't offer leadership skills improvement coaching directly, the process of Laavu's coaching definitely can affect the leadership skills of the clients indirectly through improving their well-being, reducing their stress levels, improving their ability to think clearly and improving self-knowledge.

On the right track 

Our coaches are undeniably exceptional. It's safe to say that we are nailing it when it comes to selecting the crème de la crème talent and providing them with excellent training. Moreover, Laavu's coaching method really works. Here in Laavu the coaches go through an intense process of onboarding before they get Laavu's Coaching Certificate and start their work here.

Laavu's onboarding process is unique in its kind, including:

  • 1) Laavu culture and practicalities with Pietari (120 mins)
  • 2) Coaching theory and Laavu method (480 mins)
  • 3) Monitoring coaches’ sessions, followed by feedback (3 of 65 min sessions)
  • 4) Coaching test clients, followed by feedback (10 of 75 min sessions)
  • 5) Being a coachee for a coaching session, followed by feedback (60 mins)
  • 6) Two development sessions with Lasse (60 mins)
  • 7) Watching and analysing a video of test client coaching (90 mins)

Constant learning

And that's not all. Coaches constantly keep on improving their skills through monthly Laavu Academy meetings and weekly professional counselling sessions. The coaches also have Coach Lunch meetings every month, during which they discuss professional coaching topics and update themselves by sharing knowledge with each other.

"It's important for us to make sure that all coaches are on the same level professionally, so that we can trust every one of them," adds Lasse.

Based on our client feedback, each one of our coaches are doing very well – and have satisfied clients!