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Laavu goes next level: Announcing our pre-seed round

On a sunny August afternoon in 2020, we sat together with Rami by our kitchen table and discussed what kind of company we wanted to build and why. 

We shared the frustration about how psychology services are seen (and delivered) today. We wanted to create a cultural change where taking care of the mind would be a hobby, just like taking care of the body is. A new norm, where having a personal psychologist would be as normal as having a personal trainer.

The concept was ready. Psychological coaching for entrepreneurs and startup leaders. Because let's face it - founding and leading a growth company is mentally tough! These people, maybe more than anyone, need a companion helping them develop their psychological performance and keeping them sane while building their dream.

We also discussed our values. Finally, we concluded that Laavu would be a company where Crazy Boldness, Integrity, Growth, and Vulnerability are valued. 

Crazy Boldness has been present from the very beginning of Laavu's story. Founding a company as a married couple who is three months pregnant? Perfect! Actually, we hit the sales record during the month our little girl was born. Thanks to another crazy bold girl Lotta, who kept the office running while we were giving birth.

Though being crazy bold, Integrity has walked hand in hand with our innovative mindset. Solid research-based methodology, psychological ethics, and sincerity have been the vital building blocks of our service as well as our culture.

Growth has labeled our first year. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the startup community. This has been possible only with a hard-working team, including Lasse, who has called more sales calls during his trial period than his mom in his whole life. We have been privileged to work with amazing clients from companies like Supercell, Skunkworks, ICEYE, Gubbe, Carbo Culture, and many others. Thanks to each and every client of ours - let´s keep growing and rocking together!

In addition to our growth, we are proud of our culture of Vulnerability - the secret ingredient of success. Creating a safe place where insecurities and incompleteness are embraced has been essential. We believe that only this way can potential be fully reached. We are not ready and are not afraid to admit it. Related to this, one more person to thank is Miika Huttunen, who, as Laavu's board chairman, has supported us every time the clarity of the future has become a little foggy. 

So what's next?

The year 2022 is full of excitement for Laavu. It starts big, as we are raising our pre-seed funding of 220 000€ and welcoming a handful of seasoned investors to our team. Thanks for the trust Antti Mäkelä (Co-founder at Reaktor), Vesa Lauronen (Co-founder at Reaktor), Topi Manu (co-founder at Fourkind), Jaakko Harlas (Investments Lead at Supercell) and Vesa Sironen (Co-founder at Happeo and Chairperson at Gapps).

Laavu is also moving to a new office, doubling the square meters and tripling the client space. So more growth is on the way in Siltasaari 10!

The most crucial focus point for the year 2022 is in developing and digitalizing our service. We want to be known as a startup founder's best friend and build long-lasting companionships with our clients. Creating modern, agile, and high-quality psychology services is our passion now and in the future!

Check out our open positions if you want to be part of Laavu's story. We are currently looking to hire four (4) performance psychologists and a few other positions in the upcoming months. Read more and join us in the joy of changing the status quo of psychology services and mental health.

- Salla & Rami 🧡