Trusted by the brightest

Trusted by the Brightest

Miika Huttunen

Entrepreneur In Residence, Lifeline Ventures
“In a demanding leadership role, you need to have channels to pause and and reflect on your work. This is where the support of a coach is essential. During coaching sessions I have realized that I already know the right answers to most of my challenges. They just need to be figured out by asking the right questions! The fact that my coach understands both business and psychological phenomena is something I find super valuable.”

Jon Ekberg

Business Specialist, Remod
"After a coaching session at Laavu, I feel tranquil and calm. By working together, my coach and I have found a way to transform my blurry thoughts into clear(er) ideas. Besides this, I’ve learned valuable skills I can use for self-development. For me, the best thing about Laavu Psychological Coaching is the time and place it provides – to detach myself from my hectic day-to-day life and reorganise my actions in a clear, organised manner."

Jenni Kynnös

CEO, MySome
"As one’s company grows, it can feel like your head can’t keep up with your legs. The discussions with my coach help me to stop and understand the big picture and what the most important next steps are. In addition my coach is an awesome person, and it’s super easy to talk to her!”

Kalle Pessala

"Because of Laavu's Psychological Coaching, I'm taking small but consistent steps towards better mental fitness – lower stress levels, and improved stress management skills. In addition, Laavu helps me to view things from a helicopter view. One thing that adds value is that the coach is "an objective outsider" – I get to speak freely. Finally, I really like Laavu's concept; my coach is efficient, communicates smoothly, and Laavu’s office is super welcoming and beautiful. Highly recommended!"

Julius Haukkasalo

CEO, Evermade
"Being a CEO you get pressures from all directions, and it is not always so easy to deal with all of them. Laavu has been really beneficial for helping manage those pressures. At Laavu, I can leave all kinds of roles at the front door. After the sessions, I often feel relieved and restful. Overall my well-being, personal growth, performance and productivity at work have increased, and I can honestly say that my work-life is just better. I've also got a hunch that all of that might also have a positive effect on the whole company. Quite a nice combo I think!"

Collin Foss

Co-founder & CPO, Skunkworks Games
"Coaching has been a really good thing for me personally. It’s a combination of career/business coaching and deep dive into more personal things. Coaching has helped me deal with negative emotions, handle conflict situations and gain new perspectives. My coach challenges my thinking by asking annoying questions. There is a strong personal relationship between us, and the trust makes it easier to talk about really challenging topics."

Jere Kattelus

Co-founder & COO, Northbound
"Coaching provides me with a time and a place to reflect on what I am doing – otherwise, I probably wouldn’t take the time for it. Whenever I feel like I am stuck on a problem, my coach helps me untangle my thoughts. One of the benefits of coaching is that it can always be focused on the issues I’m dealing with at the moment. I have gained various tools for managing others and myself, and my self-confidence and self-knowledge have improved."

Henri Lindgren

CEO, Lightneer
"From the start, I have seen coaching as a long-term project of continuous development. It has given me tools to analyse and unravel challenging issues and practical insights that help me improve my work and my resilience. Whenever something is preoccupying my mind, my coach helps me delve deeper into the causes of the problem and find ways to solve and prevent it in the future. Sometimes I wonder how to find time for coaching in the middle of a busy week, but after each coaching session, I’m happy that I decided to take the time for it."

Janne Hänninen

Founder, Agency Leroy
"I appreciate the fact that Laavu’s Psychological Coaching is held face-to-face; it forces me to pause for a moment – and focus. It might sound funny, but these are the two main things valuable to me when it comes to Laavu’s service. My coach has successfully kept the sessions well-structured and the topics discussed narrow. To me, Laavu is an efficient and objective partner to help solve relevant and pressing matters with."

Johanna Hautamäki

Managing Director, Johdin
"I appreciate the fact that Laavu’s coaching combines elements from business and clinical psychology. It's important for me to get to talk about both, work-related and more personal matters. As a mom and CEO, my day-to-day life is extremely hectic. The coaching session is a time dedicated only to me and it forces me to stop and reflect. My coach knows how to direct the discussion and gives perspective to my thinking. After the sessions, I feel like the problems at hand get solved, or at least take a step in the right direction."

Henri Vass

Co-founder, We are solutions Oy
"I find Laavu Psychological Coaching an excellent channel for self-reflection. In addition, having a psychological professional to whom I’m accountable is extremely valuable. My coach feels like a safe “spar wall”: trustworthy but, at the same time, challenging me to leave my comfort zone. During the sessions, I feel safe to dive deeply into my professional and personal life. Besides the valuable coaching sessions, I’ve learnt practical tools to deploy into my daily life! (During the first sessions, my coach drew a drawing that, seeing it now, revealed the root cause for most of my challenges. I’m planning to have it framed.)"

Mikko Lehtonen

Head of Creativity, Director and Partner, Halla Tuotanto
"I had zero expectations when I tried Laavu's Psychological Coaching. But I'm glad I did, it has brought me positive results in both my professional and personal life. I appreciate the opportunity to be my real self, without any assumptions or roles. My coach guides the conversation, so I can relax and be myself. After a coaching session, I'm feeling re-energised and motivated to reach my goals. Laavu's Coaching has been an amazing experience – way better than I expected – and I'm keen to see where it takes me."

Janne Kalliola

CEO & Founder, Exove
"I have been in coaching four months now, and I would say that I feel better and that I'm a better person now. I definitely have gotten help and tools for things that have bothered me. These meetings have developed my thinking and provided me with a clear and peaceful feeling afterwards. The coach is very professional, and we have really good chemistry between us, which has been a major thing for me."

Pasi Nikkanen

Co-founder & CGO, Happysignals
"I set out to try Laavu’s coaching to optimise my growth from founder to leader. Our company has grown rapidly in recent years, and at the same time, my role has changed significantly. Coaching has helped me think about my focus in the company and clarify ideas during rapid change. At the same time, the coach has skillfully pushed me to make substantial changes to my role. Coaching has given me the boost to take things and mind-boggling thoughts forward."

Tuomas Lae

Head Of Platform and Datacenter Services, Advania Finland
"In Laavu’s psychological coaching, I’ve benefited the most – besides the fact I’m finally prioritising my mental performance – from the fruitful conversations held between me and my coach. By forcing me to broaden my perspective without giving direct solutions, they have a perfect amount of proactiveness. Because of Laavu, I now have more methods and tools. For example, my time management skills have significantly improved. Even if I work fewer hours, I’m now more productive both professionally and personally. I feel I’ve finally reached a mindset allowing me to change my old, not-that-great behavioural patterns."

Tuomas Pasanen

Lead Cloud Architect, Advania Finland
"I’d describe myself as a typical “career person”. Before Laavu Psychological Coaching, I was an overachiever – under no circumstances would I give myself permission for a pause. In coaching, I’ve taken the first steps towards changing my old, not-so-ideal habits. Now I’m able to focus on things that matter, and I’ve finally permitted myself to stop. Besides learning how to prioritise my time, my headspace is clearer, and the feeling of a never-ending hurry has disappeared. When it comes to Psychological Coaching, this service is undoubtedly needed: people in the current world are very overwhelmed."

Jaakko Harlas

Developer Relations Lead, Supercell
"I’ve been really satisfied with Laavu’s coaching and I feel I have developed as a person because of it. Talking to someone about things that you don’t usually consider, already brings the added value. My coach knows how to ask the right questions, and encourages me to come up with solutions myself. The topics of the meetings may vary a lot, but I always have more energy after the discussion than before. In addition, I always have a concrete idea or action in mind that I can work on next."

Elina Kajosaari

Chief Commercial Officer, Sulapac
"Laavu facilitated a valuable workshop for our team on collaboration and working methods. We focused on many concrete tools and methods for topics such as communication and how to share feedback. Working with Laavu took us toward a better working team. We were happy with Laavu’s service for several reasons. First, they were efficient in their actions and provided us with a well-thought-out proposal. The digital tools used in the workshop provided a great way to engage our whole team. In addition, we were impressed with Laavu’s professionalism and expertise that combines psychology and business. Throughout the collaboration, we felt we were in capable hands. The whole experience reflected that Laavu is an ambitious and growth-minded company."

David Bargo

Game Developer, Small Giant Games
"Laavu's coaching has been a valuable experience for me as a first-time user. Through the guidance of a certified performance psychologist, I was able to share my thoughts and delve deeper into the topics at hand. Having a trustworthy coach to supervise my thinking and understand my perspective was incredibly helpful. My coach provided guidance on how to approach certain topics and offered different points of view, resulting in a clarified thought process. The digital workspace was also a great addition, allowing me to track my progress and revisit materials provided by my coach."

Aarni Kotiranta

Founder & CEO, Truly
"Laavu’s coaching has given me a lot of new perspectives on my thinking and execution. Coaching has been a great place to stop and reflect on the things on my mind and the most challenging issues for me at that moment. I’ve also gotten support for something I haven’t been able to open up so well with anyone else. Most concretely, coaching has helped me make better and more objective decisions and helped me develop myself both as a CEO and in my own daily life."

Juuso Österman

Shop owner, K-Supermarket and K-Market Lippulaiva; Co-founder, Eho Hieronta
"Laavu’s coaching has given me peace of mind and taught me to think about things in a new way. I enjoy that in the coaching sessions we actually get things done and find solutions. It’s also really good that I’m not offered direct answers to my questions, but my thinking is challenged in just the right way. As a young entrepreneur you easily end up being alone with a lot of things. I believe that many people in a similar situation would benefit from a service like this!”

Angeline Kwan

Web Development Manager, Aiven
"My self-awareness and -consciousness have improved since I started in Laavu’s psychological coaching. It really makes a difference in my life, and with the help of my coach, I feel I’m constantly improving my mental fitness. When it comes to the topics we cover during our sessions, they tend to be related to my work environment. We discuss matters such as stress and self-compassion. I enjoy our open conversations very much!"

Arttu Mylläri

CEO, R2 Marine
"One of the best advantages of Laavu Psychological Coaching is the objectivity it provides. Most of the topics we cover during the sessions I couldn’t address alone. Of course, I could talk to a friend or two, but their opinions are subjective, whereas my coach is provides me an objective point of view. At the same time, I feel heard and understood. Another benefit I want to mention is that my coach helps me to focus on things that actually matter. Because of coaching, I feel more grounded, my self-awareness has improved, and my is head clear(er). I’ve learnt concrete and practical tools to use in my daily life."

Adele Kurki

MarTech Lead, Aiven
"The biggest learning I’ve gained in Laavu Psychological Coaching is self-reflection. Typically, the reflection occurs during my coaching sessions, and the actual “aha”-moments I experience after them – for example, during my walks in the woods. I am especially thrilled about the relationship between my coach and me. I feel safe to be my true self; vulnerable, authentic, and raw. I can trust that my coach will never look down on my thoughts or ideas. Both of us are committed to our sessions, which, actually, I feel is a prerequisite for one's self-development!"

Jarno Silander

Growth Manager, Truly Agency
"The most significant advantage of Laavu Psychological Coaching is the clarity it has given me; I come to meetings with my head foggy with lots of things in it. During the sessions, however, it is magically reorganized, and I leave with a clear headspace. Also, sometimes it is just cool to share stuff with a complete “outsider” who doesn’t have any subjective opinions. I have gained tools for stress management, and now I know how to handle situations I can’t fully control. Because of psychological coaching, I generally feel happier!"

Patrik Schaer

CEO, Selma Finance
"We approached Laavu to enhance our executive team's collaboration and communication processes. With the help of Laavu's Performance Psychologist, our executive team worked on topics such as clarifying their purpose, creating team norms, and establishing a feedback process. With Laavu's guidance, we were able to lay a solid foundation for a high-performing executive team. Our team was especially happy with the well-structured sessions, positive atmosphere, and successful outcome. Overall, the coaching sessions were a fruitful investment that helped us improve our executive team's performance."

Aleksandar Marković

Game Lead, Game Designer, Supercell
"What I find valuable in Laavu's service is the unique idea that you can improve yourself as a person and make your life better. This was something that resonated with me from my first session. The process of getting started was seamless and I felt at ease right away. Laavu's coaching has helped me perform better in my work life, something that can be difficult to achieve through other means. The ability to speak openly and candidly about personal and professional challenges without the constraints of a specific domain is a valuable aspect of the service. I always leave a session feeling energized and with a clearer sense of direction. I appreciate the structured approach of my coach and the way she processes and reflects on our sessions, providing research and data points for further exploration."

Nora Sandell

Head of Marketing, Videoly
As a result of Laavu's coaching, I have more energy and resources for my everyday life. After a session, I feel optimistic and calm. I value that the relationship between me and my coach is long-term. We dive deep into the topics we discuss, instead of treating only the surface-level symptoms, and my coach dares to challenge me. I appreciate that the sessions haven't just been about cuddling and pep talks.What impresses me is that it's designed for people like me; your other clients operate in the same world, and my coach has a deep understanding of this domain as well. I am drawn to the modern approach, such as getting access to an online platform and curated podcast tips. These aspects make the service feel up-to-date and accessible. In addition, it's refreshing not to be confined to a traditional, dusty psychological office space – yours is fresh and welcoming. What impresses me is that it's designed for people like me; your other clients operate in the same world, and my coach has a deep understanding of this domain as well. I am drawn to the modern approach, such as getting access to an online platform and curated podcast tips. These aspects make the service feel up-to-date and accessible. In addition, it's refreshing not to be confined to a traditional, dusty psychological office space – yours is fresh and welcoming.

Hannes Andersson

COO, oeksound
Coaching sessions at Laavu have become an essential part of my routine. Before collaborating with Laavu, I had just taken on a new role at oeksound and wanted to dedicate my time to developing our culture, and through that, our brand. Our sessions have made a big impact on how I communicate with my team during meetings and one-on-ones and I even hear a difference in how my colleagues interact with each other. More importantly than assisting me in finding solutions, my coach has guided me to ask the right questions. The safe environment my coach creates allows me to get to the important stuff faster (call it efficiency through vulnerability) both in coaching sessions and with my team. After the sessions, I have more confidence in tackling challenging decisions. Moreover, coaching has helped me realize when the difficult decisions should not be tackled alone, but together with the team. My coach excels at listening and fostering understanding. Our discussions open up new perspectives and help me notice when I get stuck and my thoughts need challenging. Also through my coach’s example, I've gained valuable insights into effective communication, and I'm now applying some of the coaching techniques in my own work.

Tuomo Kälväinen

Creative Producer, Small Giant Games
For me the true value of Laavu’s coaching lies in how it can free up an immense amount of mental resources, time, and energy. Instead of having to waste time on endless rumination I can trust that the issues will be covered during the sessions always leaving me with new perspectives and insights. Laavu's coaching has helped me delve into work-life themes and my professional identity. My coach never lets me off the hook too easily; instead, they consistently challenge me to dig deeper and question assumptions that I may have considered self-evident. My coach's expertise has been instrumental in achieving this level of depth. What makes my coach exceptional is their ability to blend concrete tools with a highly client-focused approach. There is always ample space for me to explore various topics, allowing me to eventually uncover the overarching themes. Rather than providing me with ready-made solutions, my coach skillfully guides me in the right direction to discover them on my own.

Tomi Suomela

Partner & Co-Founder, Sellai
Having a professional (and an outsider) with whom I can discuss personal and professional growth matters is super valuable. My coach knows how to ask good, challenging questions that make me think. Sometimes I don't have answers, but that's okay, too. At the same time, she manages to create a safe environment where I can openly address personal growth matters – topics that I don't necessarily want to burden my colleagues with.

Dana Pikkarainen

Entrepreneur, Co-founder & Partner, Sisters Inc.
I can 100 % recommend Laavu's Coaching! My coach is just incredible – in addition to listening and asking questions, she challenges and works with me to find possible solutions. Unlike other professionals in the field, she also shares her thoughts if you're unsure which direction you're heading. At the end of each coaching session, I have genuinely gained new insights about myself, my habits, or my mindset. When having a coaching session with my coach, I don't feel like just a customer but a team that works together.

Panu Routasalo

Managing Director, Teknos
I hadn't recognized the need for coaching before, but already in the first introductory session, we identified themes that would be beneficial to work on. I liked the way my coach conducted the sessions: she was firm in her role as a coach, didn't give advice or instructions, but rather helped me in finding the solutions myself. This created a good framework where I gained clarity for my thoughts; the insights were captured on the digital workspace and could be revisited later on. I left each session feeling good, knowing I gained something. In addition, the WhatsApp messaging with the coach was a truly unique opportunity; it made the service feel very personal.

Sebastian Björkqvist

Lead AI Developer, IPRally
I've often told my coach, "What an annoying but excellent and important question!" My coach and I have such great chemistry, and our conversations have been truly insightful. I feel good after every session, even if we have addressed difficult themes.

Serli Izabel Enfiyeciyan

Performance Marketing Manager, Small Giant Games
In general, the coaching provided by Laavu has increased my self-awareness regarding personal struggles and enabled me to focus on finding solutions and taking action. The face-to-face interaction offers a refreshing change of environment, encouraging me to actively work towards improving my current situation and overcoming challenges. The support from the coach during and between sessions is invaluable in motivating progress. Furthermore, my coach is helpful in guiding me through thought-provoking questions that stimulate personal development.

Johanna Rantanen

Managing Director, Dottir
Laavu's Psychological Coaching has provided me with tools to address matters that I encounter when running a business and working with people. Through these coaching sessions, I am able to allocate dedicated time to work on solutions to the challenges and pressures related to building a company. When it comes to the collaboration between me and my coach, I truly appreciate the seamless and direct communication. I am particularly impressed by my coach's ability to ask the right questions and guide the conversation to productive directions. They do a great job in connecting the dots. For instance, they often inquire if a current problem could be related to our previous discussions, further enhancing the efficiency of the coaching process.

Varia Wahlroos

Founder, Apperior
Laavu's service is superb. From the first contact to the so-called exit call, the customer experience is exquisite. After arriving at your office, I feel relaxed and get into a certain mental state. Coffee, drinks, the lobby, coaching rooms... Everything is thought out. The coaching itself brings particular clarity and gives clear actionable steps to take in life. During the coaching, I'm able to find clarity and calmness. My coach and I have a great dynamic; she knows how to pick the right, important topics from my talk. In addition, she asks sharp, clarifying questions to help me pause on what really matters. Laavu's service enables mindset change that has a positive impact on business (and revenue). The service is personalised and customised, my personality is at the center, and my limits are taken into account when pushing me towards.

Eevi Heikkinen

Head of Public Affairs, Kreab
My experience with Laavu's psychological coaching has been immensely positive and supported my professional growth. I have gained confidence to develop my own leadership style and tangible tools to address different team dynamics. Laavu’s coaching provides dedicated time for reflection, helping me to clarify where my priorities are headed and giving me new perspectives, especially as I tackle the early stages of my leadership journey. The coaching process is straightforward, accommodating the demands of my busy schedule by allowing me to address topics of current importance. My coach is very skilled at guiding our talks, efficiently moving our conversations along. My coach has a talent for grasping the essence of my thoughts, even if they sometimes feel tangled at first. Being able to discuss anything openly is a key part of the coaching dynamic.

Valtter Vihervuori

Games Research, Supercell
Thanks to my Performance Psychologist, my life has improved over the past 6 months. Having an accountability partner guiding me towards my goals has been invaluable. After a coaching session at Laavu, I often find myself reflecting on the insights gained. These insights, whether big or small, have proven to be valuable for my personal growth and development.

Niklas Nyström

VP of Customer Success, Singa
The ROI of Laavu’s coaching has been significant. I have utilized the service to ensure my future well-being and my growth as a leader. Through the coaching sessions, I have been able to strike a better balance between my work and personal life, leading to increased productivity. The unique positioning of Laavu’s service, bridging the gap between professional and personal development, is something I truly value. My coach’s proactive and approachable nature, coupled with her ability to challenge me (in a good way), has been instrumental in my progress.

Urho Konttori

Founder, Varjo
Using Laavu's Psychological Coaching has been a transformative experience for me. Laavu’s membership has provided me with a safe space where I can freely express myself without the fear of future repercussions, especially on topics that are sensitive in a professional setting. I've also come to realize that in day-to-day life, sharing isn't always easy since everyone carries their own burdens. Discussing my thoughts and concerns with a Performance Psychologist has brought me a sense of mental clarity and tranquillity. In addition, I've enjoyed the discussions about enriching books, which have added an extra dimension to the experience. The 'homework' related to our sessions has been a valuable addition, encouraging further reflection and growth.

Aleksi Löytynoja

Co-Founder & CEO, Kleoverse
What drew me to Laavu's Psychological Coaching is the fact I'm familiar with the context as a startup founder, like many other of your clients. Right from the very first session, my relationship with my coach has been effortless, and the atmosphere in our coaching sessions is warm and accepting. I find it comfortable to share things I, in my everyday life, couldn't share with anyone. During my time with Laavu, I've learnt self-acceptance, -reflection, stress management skills, and how to distance myself. As a result, I'm now less stressed and more balanced. The impact of Laavu's coaching extends beyond just my personal growth; it has a positive impact on my company, too..

Jussi Junikka

CEO, Fulmore
“Coaching has worked well for me! The sessions’ focus has been on moving forward and not churning around the topics. In every session, we go deeper into the topic and try to find insights from there, but also, the coach makes me carry out concrete action points for the future. It is really welcoming to have someone to reflect on my thoughts. I have gotten more clarity and understanding for myself. I truly see the development in my thinking, which is actually really cool!"

Panu Piippo

CEO, Backbone Marketing
“Originally, I planned coaching to be a short-term project, but now I see this as a longer-term engagement. I feel that this has been my best investment in 2020. Coaching has helped me especially with mental endurance. It makes me think and find solutions to situations and forces me to also discuss the more difficult things. I appreciate that Laavu’s coaching is not some surface level nonsense, but is really based on science and utilises a research-based theoretical foundation.”

Sami Asujamaa

CEO, 10+ Isännöinti
“The best thing about coaching is that after the meetings, my vague thoughts become clearer and the themes discussed open up to me better. My coach knows how to ask good questions and grasp the right topics insightfully. This helps me find the common thread in my own thinking.”

Juhana Rintala

Co-Founder & CEO, Ruokaboksi
“When I leave the coaching meetings, I feel good and relieved. The best thing is that I get to vent openly, and someone is there to listen to what I have to say! Coaching is a bit like a hobby for me. In the same way that I take care of my physical well-being, at Laavu I have a professional taking care of the mental side. It's great to regularly structure and spar your thoughts with a professional who truly understands the context I'm living in. Laavu's approach is really fresh and effective. I have recommended their coaching to many friends!"

Erno Aapa

COO & Founder, Polar Squad
“When there is an upcoming coaching session, it’s relieving to know that there will be an opportunity to rant my thoughts out of my head and lighten my mind. The session gives me more clarity and direction every time. The coach helps me structure my thoughts and takes things to a concrete level by helping me execute my plans. I’ve really enjoyed experiencing psychology in coaching, and I can see the difference in my everyday life.”